Monday, September 8, 2014

15 Months

Wow, its been 15 months since I last blogged and so much has happened in those months. I will only share 3 of those things right now. One of the biggest was our new grandson this makes 5 total grandchildren 1 girl and 4 boys.

First baby cocoon I made and they have been good sellers for me.
Dexter James was born July 20 the day before Mommy celebrates her birthday
Dexter and Mommy      
Another big hit this year was Gage's 4th Birthday Gift from Grandma. Gage is the middle boy the mommy posted above. Yep, she was blessed with 3 boys.  
His face was priceless.  Gage is a Huge Spiderman fan.

There was another Huge Event.  Kaylee and Chris got married in June. Here they are with there 3 boys.

Here is my entire family. 

Until next time keep those hooks warm,