Thursday, October 27, 2011

Giant granny crochet-along

The First part of October I decided to do a giant granny. I owed a blanket to one of my girls and she wanted one large enough for her bed so here is my progress.

This was Oct. 8, 2011

This is the point I am now it measure's 56 x56 inches now. Oh, and the little guy that had to get his picture taken also that's Jack my little buddy.

I have a habit of getting bore with one stitch so I sometimes mix it up and throw in a row or two of something else just to give it character. Have a wonderful day. 


  1. Looks very nice. And Jack looks very cute. :)

  2. Love the way you mixed it up! Nice Work.

  3. I love your blog.. I have had a quick look through and must come back to read more :)) Little Jack is gorgeous :))