Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking for a reversible ripple afghan pattern

Hello friends, I know I haven't been on to blog lately. I have had alot of sick time of flu, bronchitis and fibromyalgia  flares. Hoping I am done now that everything happened one after another.
I am looking for a reversible ripple pattern. I seen it in a magazine and now I seem to have misplaced it or it got thrown away. I would appreciate it if someone had some to share.
I will try and get some pictures up in the next day or so of what I have been able to do in the last month or so.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Hi Elaine - glad to see you again and that you're feeling better. Here's a pattern for a reversible ripple:


  2. Hi Elaine, so glad you are feeling much better and back to blogging Love Anne

  3. http://www.favecrafts.com/Crochet-Afghans/Striped-Reversible-Ripple-Afghan# is the same one that Debi suggestions, I think. Is it the one you are looking for? Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  4. i like that also, i should of got the name now i found it, its called the sweetheart reversible ripple. thanks for the help

  5. Hi Elaine, just stopping by. Glad you're feeling better!

  6. Hello Elaine! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's so nice to connect with a fellow crocheter. The ripple afghan pattern I used was purchased from Churchmouse Teas and Yarns in Washington so there was no need for translation. It's $5 and here's that link if you are interested:


  7. Hello,

    Thanks for your comment at my blog! I've been looking were online you can find the rabbit. I've saved it a long time ago at my computer.
    you can find it here : http://www.favecrafts.com/Crochet-Amigurumi/Blue-Bunny
    have fun!!