Thursday, April 19, 2012


I finally managed to get my cat done, I have wanted to make one for some time now and I am not sure animals are my cup of tea. I wanted to make one for each of my grandchildren not to sure that will get done. I suppose the first one is never perfect or maybe I should say it's a learning experience. Haven't decided what to call him but here he is.

 Update on my little great niece Mykenna, she is growing like a weed up to 9 lbs now at 2 months old, way to go little girl. Here she is on her blanket.

Until next time, Happy Crocheting.


  1. Your cat is very cute - he looks perfect to me but even if he does have the odd mistake, he is unique and will be much loved. Mykenna looks gorgeous on her blanket - I really love the colours you used.

  2. Love your cat, and Mykenna is a lovely baby on a happy coloured blanket.
    thankyou for sharing :))

  3. I love your cat! waht a beautiful baby on her afghan,great job on the afghan!

  4. Aww...your kitty is cute! Wasn't he fun to make? Even with the sewing you have to do to put them together, I really enjoyed making mine. Now you get to pick all new colors for the next one!