Sunday, March 17, 2013

Something new

Finished a few project since the first of the year I want to join the stash buster challenge however I forgot how to add the links.  I think my memory is impaired at times from my medicines. Lol.
Anyway here is one I have done from my stash. Maybe someone could be so kind and remind me how to do links etc. I would appreciate it.
I have done 3 blankets since January busy busy.
Here is #1 of my challenge  It measures 54x55

My goal this year is to make a new blanket for each one of our grandchildren. We have 4, 1 girl and 3 boys. Actually that will be changing in July as our youngest daughter is expecting another boy. Little miss Tatum was a bit disappointed that she wasn't getting a girl cousin. oh, well I do believe she will enjoy being a little mother hen with this little guy.

I will post again later today
Happy crocheting, and have a great day.


  1. Hi Elaine and welcome to the challenge, your name is on the list and your blog on the roll of stash busters if you want to keep a count of how much stash you have busted just weigh your stuff and leave the amount in grams in the comment section of stash-buster totals top of my blog.

  2. Hi Elaine. Your ripple blanket is so pretty - very bright and colorful.

    To add a link in your post - go to the page that you want the link to go to - click on the address at the very top and copy it - go to the post that you are writing and highlight the part in your post that you want linked - click on the 'link' button and when the window pops up, paste the address you copied into the line that says 'web address' then click 'ok'.

  3. I love the colours you have chosen Elaine, it looks really pretty.

  4. Thank you ladies, I really wish I would be better at gettting my post up I have so many things I want to show everyone. I must make a better effort. :)

  5. Beautiful zigzag blanket. And welcome to the Stashbuster challenge. Blankets are a great way to use the yarn stash ;-)

  6. Unos trabajos muy bonitos y originales . Enhorabuena por tu blog , hay mucho arte .Un saludo desde SPAIN